Strongest soldiers sent to border: Sachin Pilot on change in assembly seat | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Friday quipped about the change in his seating position in the Rajashan assembly and said that only the bravest soldiers are sent to the battlefield.
Pilot used to sit alongside chief minister Ashok Gehlot in the front row when he was his deputy. However, the sacked deputy chief minister was seated closer to the opposition benches when the assembly convened for the session today.
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“I came here at 10.45am and found my seat changed. I used to sit there (in front row) earlier and was safe and part of the government. Then I wondered why the speaker and chief whip changed my seat. I thought for a few minutes and realized this is the “border” with the opposition and the ruling party on either side. And who is sent to the border? The bravest soldier,” Pilot said during the debate on the motion of confidence.

Pilot also alluded to the Congress leadership’s role in brokering a truce between him and Gehlot, saying that he raised his concerns with the “doctor” and has received the “treatment”.
“… We went to the ‘doctor’ with our concerns and after receiving the ‘treatment’, we are all here together in this assembly. In the assembly, let’s not focus on hearsay and speak on the real issues. But whatever happens here at the border, I will be battle-ready,” he said.