Naresh Makani lodges complaint against Jay Shah with BCCI ombudsman | Cricket News

MUMBAI: Naresh Makani, who claims to be a life member of the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) and a treasurer of the Cricket Association of Jharkhand, has lodged a complaint against BCCI secretary Jay Shah with the BCCI’s Ethics Officer DK Jain, against the continuance of his tenure beyond what is permitted by the Lodha reforms.
Makani has already lodged a plea in the Supreme Court against giving extension of tenure to BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah. The matter is set to come up for hearing in the Supreme Court on August 17.
Makani begins the complaint by saying: “Dear Sir, this is to inform you that the undersigned has already raised/filed objections against the dilutions of the Constitution of the BCCI, being sought for, by the current administration. In furtherance thereof, the undersigned is addressing this present representation, in order to raise objections against any such extension of tenure being granted specifically in favour of Jay Shah.”
Pointing out that Shah has exceeded his permitted tenure as per Lodha reforms, Makani says: “This is to inform you that Mr. Jay Amit Shah has been an office-bearer of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) for more than five years, post which, he was elected as the secretary of the BCCI, which clearly enunciates that he has already completed a tenure of six years as an office-bearer in a state cricket association along with the central body i.e. BCCI. It is relevant to state herein that the constitution of the BCCI as ratified by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India clearly mandates a cooling-off period after expiry of 6 years, which has already transpired in both cases pertaining to him as well as Ganguly, in light whereof, Shah is categorically barred from extending his tenure as an office-bearer either in the BCCI and/or any state cricket association. The said issue is also present qua the extension of tenure being sought for by Ganguly, and the entire quantum of facts and circumstances has been enunciated upon in the objections filed by the undersigned previously.”
Makani has said that Shah and Ganguly have been attending BCCI’s meetings despite being disqualified on the tenure clause as per Lodha reforms. “It is relevant to state herein that despite the expiry of tenures of both Shah and Ganguly, and despite their being no extension in their favour, both have been participating in meetings and have been floating agendas and have further been passing resolutions etc., including the resolutions/decisions pertaining to the conducting of the Indian Premier League for the year 2020 in Dubai, UAE which are bad in law and are liable to be set aside at the very outset,” Makani has stated.
Requesting the ombudsman to act accordingly, Makani has concluded by saying: “The undersigned humbly requests you to kindly take the same into consideration and take appropriate steps accordingly. The entire issue qua the dilution being sought has been objected to by the undersigned before the SC and this entire issue is also once again being objected in as much as this goes against the letter and spirit of the amendments to the Constitution of the BCCI, that has been carried out after due deliberations and discussions by legal luminaries including justices of the SC. This is for your information and record.”