Exclusive! Sanjay Dutt’s cousin Zaheeda on the actor’s health scare: I am sure he will defeat this ailment and come back stronger | Hindi Movie News

Sanjay Dutt’s cousin and former actress Zaheeda has been in distress since the time she heard about the actor’s illness. She has been praying to Sai Baba for a miracle, wanting her cousin to come out of it unscathed. She has informed Dutt’s sister, Namrata about the same. She tells us, “I am so upset and want Sai to make him well. He just turned 61 on July 29 and now this news. But we have seen him go through so much, so I am sure he will defeat this ailment and come back stronger. Besides, he has a huge responsibility on his shoulder with his young children and an elder daughter around; he has to fulfil his duties towards them.”

Zaheeda and her sisters babysat Sanjay when his parents, actors Sunil and Nargis Dutt, travelled out of the city or country on work. Zaheeda said, “He was born in front of us and we used to take care of him. He used to be a jovial kid and would keep mimicking people and we would be in splits. But that smile was not there when I saw him on a chat-show with Farooque Shaikh. I would tell him thoda khilkhila ke hanson.. Zindagi ko enjoy karo.”

The veteran actress has not met him for nearly a year, but says her son Nilesh is very close to his Mama and is always in touch with him and sees him often he . She adds, “I want Sai to pull him out of this as soon as he can. I am waiting to give him a tight hug.”