Coronavirus treatment: Most common ‘after-effects’ of COVID-19 post recovery

It can be tough to get back on your feet post-recovery. With COVID, long-lasting fatigue, weakness (which could persist for weeks and months) has been a much-feared consequence. Not only has COVID-fatigue been much widely discussed by experts, but nearly 60% of the patients involved in the study also admitted to suffering from fatigue, lethargy, tiredness in the weeks following recovery. Of these, 1/3rd, who suffered from a critical form of COVID termed their fatigue to be moderate or severe.

Apart from this, unbalanced energy levels could also expose patients to experience related symptoms like muscle aches, pins and needles pain, palpitations

Improper immune response and inflammatory attack (dubbed the infamous cytokine storm in COVID terminology) has been considered to be one of the causes of energy loss and imbalance. Post-recovery fatigue has also been recorded in the past outbreaks of infections like the SARS and Epstein-Barr virus.